Daily routine

  • 9:00am– Preschool opens
  • 9:15am– Short group circle time followed by child led play and activities
  • 10:00am– Snack time
  • 11:30am– Story and song time for children finishing at 12pm
  • 11:45am– Tidy up time followed by lunch
  • 12:45pm– Story and song time
  • 1:00pm– Continued small group activities and play followed with tidy up time
  • 3:00pm– Preschool finishes


At Flore Preschool snack is available from 10am giving the children the opportunity to access it as they choose. We try to offer varied and healthy food and drinks at all snack times. We really enjoy celebrating birthdays with the children and would appreciate prior notice if cakes are being sent in so that we can cater for any dietary needs.


Lunchtimes are seen as an opportunity to enhance social skills, independence and learn about healthy eating routines. At Flore Preschool we are determined to promote habits of healthy eating amongst the children, staff lead by example by joining the children at lunch time promoting the experience as a healthy, enjoyable and social event.