Sessions and fees

Term dates

Autumn Term Preschool opens Tuesday 4th September
Autumn Holiday Preschool closes Friday 19th October
  Preschool re-opens Monday 29th October
Christmas Holiday Preschool closes Wednesday 19th December
Spring Term Preschool re-opens Thursday 3rd January
Spring Half-Term Preschool closes Friday 15th February
  Preschool re-opens Monday 25th February
Easter Holiday Preschool closes Friday 5th April
Summer Term Preschool re-opens Tuesday 23rd April
May Day Holiday Preschool closed Monday 6th May
Summer Half-Term Preschool closes Friday 24th May
  Preschool re-opens Monday 3rd June
Summer Holiday Preschool closes Wednesday 24th July

Session times

Flore Preschool is now open Monday to Friday from 9 to 3 pm.

Collection times are at 1pm (morning session), or 3pm (full day)

A 3-hour morning session can also be arranged on a Monday with collection at 12.

Children will have their lunch at 12 and must bring a packed lunch with them.


Fees are £4.25 per hour for 3 years old and over and £4.50 per hour for under 3s.

This is payable on a monthly basis for all hours that your child is registered to attend.

Assisted places are sometimes available. Please contact us to discuss this in confidence.

Government funding

All children are entitled to this funding commencing the term following a child's third birthday and are available for a total of 15 hours or 30 hours per week. Any hours over this allowance are payable at the usual hourly rate.

A number of children are now eligible funding from the age of 2. This is for 15 hours from the term after a child's 2nd birthday. To see if your child may qualify - visit Northants County Council website and search for "Online Eligibilty Criteria" for two year olds.

Childcare vouchers

What are childcare vouchers?

Childcare vouchers are a benefit offered by your employer to help you with your childcare costs. Your employer allows you to take part of your salary in the form of childcare vouchers.

This amount is Tax and NI free.

Paying for childcare this way means you have more money left in your salary than if you had paid for your childcare out of your take home pay.